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Valentina Bianco - Blow And Go

Fuck me we have not seen Tony for fucking ages. He’s a player but when he gets a girl, we never see him. Chris is more of a player, he fucks them, then bins them. Tony is almost there but he stays with them bitches too long then they become a couple. Now Valentina and Tony have never got on for a while. So why he lets her stop him from going out with the lads I will never know. We finally got around to going out with him for a few drinks. Me, Craig and Tony like the good old days. Chris came too but he had to still pretend he doesn’t live here, as I still haven’t told Craig. The next day Valentina came around, really upset because her and Tony weren’t doing so good. She started to cry so I comforted her. She then said giving blowjobs really cheers her up when she is in a fight with her boyfriend. I thought she meant Tony, but then she suddenly dropped to her knees. Holly fucking shit. Now Tony did say yesterday that he was seeing a nurse, so I wasn’t doing anything wrong, as she was sucking my dick. I didn’t ask her too. The last time when she auditioned to be in one of my porno movies, that was a bad thing, even though it felt so fucking good, but this, this was ok. She was single. Why she was crying over Tony, I don’t know but I was a bit too distracted to think about that as I had a hot Italian lass sucking my cock. After sucking my cock, right there and then in my hall way, we moved to the living room, where I lay back and she continued to work my nerd cock. Then Craig came in, and just walked into the living room. Luckily, I heard someone coming so threw a blanket over her, there was no way I was gonna let Craig know, he would feel guilty and tell Tony. I managed to get rid of him, then she finished me off by bringing me off all over her fucking face. What a fucking nerd load I busted. Fuck me... Result.

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