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Kitty Kitch - Kitty Gets Her Cream

Well well well, in all my years of doing this and conning girls, I still get surprised sometimes, and most of all if I fall into a bag of tits, sometimes I don’t come out sucking my own thumb. This was one of those times, when I was contacted by Kitty who wanted to do a photoshoot a couple of Vlogs ago. Now for once and this isn’t like me I decided to tell her the truth that I’m not a stills guy but she decided that because I’m not a pro but can still frame a shot, she would allow me to do the photos. I was just happy that she said her highest levels of modelling were topless stills sadly, but I had nothing on that day and at least now there was a good chance that I was going to see some fucking tits. All in all the stills shoot went well, then I just blurted out at the end that I shot porn. She said that was too far for her and she doesn’t think it’s something she could do. I had put it to the back of my mind as I really wanted to so suck her tits, but it wasn’t meant to be. Then a few weeks later she stopped by and said she wanted to give it a go, Chris was leaving for work but at least got a good look at her . So we arranged a date for the week after and she started her audition process with us. Sadly you know guys know the score now, Chris had to film and fuck man, was he jealous. I talked to her through my usual bullshit and she seemed to just take everything I said at face value. Thank god I was honest about the photoshoot when I first met her as I think that saved me. So we got down to it as we first saw her sexy body, well I had already seen it but Chris was in for a treat and then I remembered I can actually put my hands on her so went straight for her massive fucking tits and then, I started to eat her out, she just lay back and I could tell she liked having her pussy eaten, then I bent her over and started eating her arse hole out, I love eating arse. Then she got on her knees and got my already hard nerd cock out and started teasing it with her mouth, then went straight into deep throating it. Wow she was fuckign good, then Chris got too close and she started rubbing his crotch and before we knew it she had his cock out too, which was totally unplanned, she must love cock and the more the better, she deep throated Chris cock too and she was covered in her own spit she got right into it and she got that fucking messy. Fucking Chris always seems to get his cock sucked at the end of a hard day at work in the sex shop thanks to me. We then bursted out nerd bollocks all over her face and in her mouth and she even ate the cum off her tits where it had dripped down. Amazing fucking video and still a big suprise I just hope I get to fuck her next time.

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