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Tilly Jackson - Return Of The Sub

Well Tilly is a great find, I mean first she was just a horny slut who wanted to be a model. But then she kind of worked out I was a con man and I didn’t really have an excuse and I didn’t think she had enough evidence and only a hunch but she came out and said it anyway. I got a visit from the Police about the noise, some copper called PC English warned me there had been complaints. I have no idea who called them but it was a ball ache all the same.It can’t have been Ellie or Inara as they both liked coming over and being filmed. So it had to of been the big boss, unless it was someone else in one of the other rooms. Tilly had agreed to film and get behind the camera too, all the magic of a slut that would get it on camera too, unlike Scarlet Grey back in the day. Me and Tilly had decided to not tell Chris that she was in on this, and so she came back to do an audition,it was so funny him not knowing that she knew about it.I decided to let Lez finally film this, I know it was Tilly being our camera person but she can’t film herself can she. I thought it might stop Lez from coming round all the time and of course I didn’t tell Lez that we hired Tilly instead. But boy did Tilly give lez a show, if he just wanted to shoot porn and see tits, then this may make him worse. Tilly sucking on two hard nerd cocks, is something to see, fucking cock demon she is. She deep throated, gagged, got throat fucked, stuffed two dicks in her face at the same time, ate arse and got two nerd loads all down her fucking throat. Yeah she put on a show alright and totally drained us.

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