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Lola Marie And Ellie Eastleigh Noshing Good Time

Kitty the girl from the other week came round as Chris was leaving for work, and well she has decided to do porn. I was not expecting that after her photo shoot, but fuck I’m arranging that as quick as I fucking can. Well the cat is well and truely out of the mother fucking bag. Tilly came round after already doing an Audition with us, then filming when Chris introduced us to his old friend Mark on the last vlog. Now she has come over to basically tell me that she thinks this whole casting agent thing is a con. I was not prepared for that, but then she said something to me that I had never thought of. I may not have a real job at the end of it, but I have made them think about porn and they may now go on to have careers in porn. So in a way I am helping them. Turns out she thinks I’m a genius and wants to get more involved. Phew that was a fucking close one, she still wants to play audition girl,( even though she knows its not real now), she must just get off on it. She also wants to introduce me to some of her friends that might want to get into the business as well as get her hands on some of the girls I bring in. I don’t really have a choice and she didn’t exactly blackmail me but I didn’t want to find out. Lola Marie said she was going to swing by and check out the new office properly this time as last time she was here after finally finding out her and Ellie had been swinging together at the same swingers club as where Chris met her. When she arrived we were talking about old times sake and I asked her if she wanted a bit more fun on video. Fuck she said yes there and then and played up to the camera as always, her tits were fucking bigger too, she had only gone and had them enlarged and what a fucking pair they were. She got on her knees and started sucking on my cock, then Ellie turned up and I asked her to join in as it would be good footage for her auditions with me. So I have one sucking on my nerd nut sack and one on my cock. Then Chris turned up from work and then he got his cock sucked too. The lucky fucker has had a few blow jobs now over the years, right after he had finished work, not a bad thing to come home to is it. They took turns on our nerd schlongs, we ate them out and shot massive loads in their faces. Two girls, two nerd cocks, two loads of Nerd Bollock yogurt, sounds good to me. What a bunch of sluts and what a fucking fun Thursday evening.

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