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Rue Bourbon - Jealous Spunkblast

Well fucking Rue is a strange one, and in a very good way. First met her as a girl on the internet who just sent me pictures of her massive tits and I was happy getting tit pictures in my social media inboxes of some big titted red head. But then she teased over months that she may come and visit me, and let me feel those massive tits in person. Me and Chris didn’t see it happening until one day she told me she was coming up to visit. Chris was at work and she did, she even sucked my cock and swallowed my spunk. She made it clear she thought I was a nerd chancer and full of shit yet she still went along with it, that's the weird part. Then Zac the studio owner I have been conning for the last few years to get models off him, had contacted Rue without knowing I had worked with her and told her he knew a producer who could get her into porn. Her not knowing it was me he called me round to have a chat to this red head and bang, there she was. She still sucked my cock and sucked Zac’s cock, why if she thinks I’m a con man.Then Chris finally talked me into going to swingers club and had got permission for me to film it which is rare and fucking hell It was Rue again as the party organiser. What a spunktastic time we had that night. Rue since has come back to my new studio and fucked me on camera for an audition, even though, sorry to repeat she doesn’t believe me. Now onto today, and she is here to suck Chris cummings cock, because I lost another drunken bet so I am on camera again. She seemed more flirty with Chris, teasing him, even kissing him, and boy did she deep throat him. This women really goes to town on a cock, as you will all know with the past vlogs on this site. But fuck, there was something about this one, she seemed to have a mission of making me jealous as I was left filming, and it fucking worked, especially the sloppy wet blowjob he got, which happens to be my favourite type of blowjob. When he spaffed all over her face and in her mouth and she cleaned up after herself well that was just me done. Fuck sake, stop making bets the day before a shoot Paul.

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