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Catalia Valentine - Cat Gets Her Cream

Well so far Tilly was not wrong,when she said she had friends who wanted to get into porn. Not only that but she was true to her word, that she still thought I was helping people who wouldn’t normally think of getting into porn and that I help people into porn. We already had her introduce us to Lola a few vlogs back, well now it’s time to meet the lovely Catalia. Another one of Tilly’s mates. Got to say as soon as she walked in the first thing I noticed was her beautiful big brown eyes. I bet you thought I was going to say tits right? Well I noticed them too of course but her eyes were really something to see as mushy as that sounds. She had already heard about me thanks to Tilly, so I had to still go through my bullshit but not as detailed and without the worry that she wasn’t going to buy it as she was already all in. It was quite a quick chat as she just wanted to suck some nerd dick, and it might have been just me, but I think she liked nerds, as she was very flirty. She soon got down to getting her lush tits out and showing me her sexy arse. Then it was down to me to finger her already wet pussy, again it might have been because she likes nerds, or that she was on camera, or both. I then had to taste her pussy to which it was already full of flavour because she was already so turned on. Then she just planted a kiss on me as she wanted to taste her pussy on me. When she got on her knees, she was such a tease, rubbing my cock from outside my jeans and then kissing it, she licked and teased until my already hard nerd cock was rock hard in her face.Even then she licked and sucked it before taking it in her mouth. Fuck when she actually started sucking it, she was soon deep throating my nerd fucking member. Boy was she good, she loved being on camera and was always looking up at the camera too, I think she must have been getting tips off tilly. This was one of those scenes sadly where it was difficult to hold back and I couldn’t wait to cover her face in spunk. Which she loved. This was an awesome find, thanks to Tilly. More mates please Tilly, keep them coming to keep me cumming please.

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