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Lacey Amour - Insta Gal

Well after countless visits after meeting him, Mark, Chris’s friend finally got his first scene for the site. He basically was very crafty about it too, and to be honest, to work for me, you have to be like me, but everything and I mean everything comes second to the pussy. In my world pussy is king. Now I know since he’s a mate of Chris’s that he is a horny bastard and that they both used to swing together years back, so him jumping on camera was never in question and I had just met him. Craig was coming and going and the only way he has gotten away with it so far, is because i’ve known him since I was 4 years old. So having a reserve would be good, but the right shoot has to come up, and his first shoot has to be with someone who isn’t into the business that much incase it goes tits up. But he must of been talking to Chris, as one night when the 3 of us was out and I was getting to know him better, as the night went on they both started buying me whiskey, that’s what Chris does when he wants a shoot all to himself, Mark would not know to do that if Chris had not told him. When I’m drunk I get nice and promise the world and Chris has ended up getting pussy instead of me as I had agreed to it. This time it was Mark’s turn and how he got his first shoot with us, with the girl he suggested I shoot two days prior Lacey Amour, who he chatted up on Insta. So he was going to get to fuck someone I haven’t yet, and I was the camera guy for the day, I mean I’m a pervert for fucks sake. I am the guy who gets the pussy, why do I have to be so fucking nice when it comes to the pussy, when i’ve had a drink. So mark had her all to himself, she was fucking stunning too, and had a lovely sexy arse that was half on display by the short skirt she was wearing. She did a strip tease for him before sucking on his cock, she did make a comment asking if I was just a cameraman and if I can’t join in it doesnt make me a good cameraman. After he fucked her in a few positions, I realised I couldn’t mention that thanks to a bet I can’t join in but the agreement between me and Mark were I couldn’t fuck her, so I just asked her if I could eat her pussy and Mark couldnt really say anything so I handed him the camera and feasted on her pussy mmmm. I then said I guess I could get my cock sucked, and before you know it Lacey had her wish and was on her knees sucking on two cocks like she originally wanted to do. Then Mark started fucking her from behind while I stuffed her with my cock. Then it was on her knees and she got two nerd loads, something I think she wanted anyway as soon as she saw two guys. What a fucking great time and hope I get to fuck her next time.

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