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Auntie Lucy - Cougar Lunchtime Nosh

Well not only has Craig come back on the scene, well I say that but you never really know with the dopey cunt. He either keeps coming to shoots to get his dick wet as he’s missing it again. Or this is a one off and we won’t see him for months. It depends how long he can come to our shoots and fuck the girls balls deep without worrying about his Girlfriend, who is a bitch by the way. Chris won’t be happy if he does come back as he is pushing for his new friend Mark to do the scenes with us when we get a slut who wants 3 dicks. However not only has that happened in the last vlog but Craig’s Auntie Lucy required my technical services again, or at least that’s what she says until she gets me round there. Most of the time the Cougar slut just makes things up that her TV isn’t working, well she has only gone and called me saying her fucking laptop isn’t working, I mean fuck. Of course I shouldn’t be going round there, of course I shouldn’t be fucking her, it’s my oldest friend’s Auntie. But I shouldn’t of let his sister suck me off, fuck his mother or his Gran really should I. So when Lucy called I just pretended I was busy, now of course I was going to go round, I usually end up getting a nosh. But I didn’t want to just run round there like a saddo. I mean I am, but still not good to just go to her when she clicks her fingers. So I lasted a day and then went round there. She said her laptop wasn’t working this time, to be fair it did need a bit of a clean, software wize. That didn’t take long then after a coffee, yep you guys guessed it, she got down on her knees and sucked on my nerd cock. Man you can’t beat experience in the cock sucking department. She sucks, she slurps, she even deep throats at times, and she does it all as her flirty self and with a slutty smile on her face. They are only 10 minute BJ’s or at least for me it is, as she sucks you that well, that you can’t last that fucking long. She took my nerd spunk in her mouth like a trooper and of course she swallowed it. God Craig’s family are all sluts, and no I shouldn’t be doing this with any of them, but they shouldn’t be throwing themselves at me either with his best friend.

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