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Maeve Winters - Craigs Cream

Well Mark is still coming round, wanting some action, and I was like mate, Chill out, I will get you a shoot when I can.Tilly was getting some camera experience in, and Chris was just loving a female camera lady again. Wow Craig really has got the Nerd fucking horn this year, he’s like an animal. Again no idea how long this is going to last, as he keeps feeling guilty about Kaz, the loser, pussy is there to be shared around. But he not only showed up for a shoot when he didn’t know there was one, but he also has been hanging around with me alot more, more so than what I have shot on the vlog. But yeah I met Maeve if you remember through Zac that guy with the local studio, and now I have met her and fucked her through my contact with him, I can now get her over here from some more nerd audition practice. Well I have had that much on lately I forgot, and well Craig was at the office, I had gone for some beers and she turned up. Craig is a bit shy and isn’t great at this conning bitches thing, well you could of fucking fooled me. He actually lied and said that he was going to fill in, and because Maeve has built up the trust with me, she went along with it and started sucking on his nerd cock. I came back caught them in the act, and I couldn’t lose my temper and ask what the fuck was going on, as usually with my nerd mates, they have lied to get in on the action, after all they wouldnt be perverts if they didn’t work for me. But of course a spare of the moment shot in the dark and of course I got my nerd cock in there. I basically said she would look good with two dicks in her mouth, to which she replied i’ve already done that, and I was like, well it’s good to get different types of dicks in your mouth for the casting videos. I tell you what, she did very well with Craig’s girthy cock, I was well impressed. She looks great sucking cock, she always has, and she looked even better splattered in Nerd spunk, amazing spare of the moment scene.

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