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Raegan James - Fake Studio Package

Fucking hell, this was a long-winded con, but I think this is definitely one for the future. With all those warnings out there about fake casting agents, I needed a new con to lure the girls in. Then it hit me. The internet was filled with modelling and photo shoot make overs at studios for birthday gifts and Christmas presents. Then I thought yeah…. I can do that, get them here and then lure them into doing porn. However, it had to be fucking good, really good and that’s when Craig came in. He can build websites, code, do html and CSS and all that shit, so I got him building me a website, that would accept payments for people to be able to pay, to make the whole thing look real. After a week and finally seeing the finished thing, I have to say it was fucking fooling me and I was the one who thought of it. Now all I had to do was wait for someone to fall into my trap. Turns out I didn’t have to wait long, Craig had got his newly created creation high in search engine ranks . A guy had paid for his wife to do a photo shoot as a present, then it dawned me, guys could be sending their girls to me for all sorts of seedy things without knowing….Awesome. So a girl called Regan was coming then it dawned on me…. Shit…. How was I going to explain where the flash studio was when she got here, that she has seen on the website??? When she arrived off the top of my head I just said, that we had a leek and the roof had caved in and we had to do it at my place to honour the booking. This girl was shy, very shy and wasn’t too confident at first… We eased her into the photos slowly and then I started to mention higher levels. I thought it was a touchy subject when I first mentioned it as she didn’t seem to like the word porn and hated her fella watching it. I told her that I bet he would like to see her in a porn film, that it would stop him watching other girls???? She looked like she was not going to go along with it then, once I said she could do it and if mentioning it to him afterwards that she was thinking of doing it didn’t go down well then, we would not show him. Well that was it she was all mine. She sucked on my dick, all cute and shy but hey seems like she wanted a cock that wasn’t her husbands. He watched porn but now she was doing it. I like the shy ones, the are cute, you can tell they are fresh and it’s just a turn on all together. Not bad for a MILF and not bad for my first con in this area. Let’s hope I can trap more sexy girls in my net and spunk in more girls faces just like Regan who I think enjoyed it more than she thought she would. Of course her fella is not going to see it, I like the idea another man’s spunk has been on his wife’s face and he doesn’t know. Fuck I’m a pervert.

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