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Summer Ray - White Spunkmas

Fuck free porn sites are becoming a great place for wannabe sluts to showcase their skills. I spend all my time getting fresh faced girls and even porn stars through my doors, with them believing its going to make them famous or enhance their career further but, there are already wannabe sluts out there showing off just because it makes them fucking wet. I hate Christmas, its the one time of year thats calendared in for me not to get pussy, because its about family and all that bollocks. I can get quiet periods any time of year but Christmas is pretty much a given, there will no pussy. I went onto a porn tube site and found Summer, showing the world her cock sucking skills and man did she look good. She mentioned that she wanted to do porn, so I commented on her page telling her I was a porn agent and I could make her porn dreams come true. Fast forward a week later and 2 days before christmas and she was here, wanting to do porn, I guess this year was gonna be different. I explained all my usual bullshit and she just bought into it as she wanted to be a famous slut. I tried to play it cool that she should come back and and do an audition so I didn't look too desperate and she asked if she could do a one now. She fucking would do when I was meeting Craig for a drink. But hey, you guys know me, I don't take long to blow my wad and the look on her face it looked like she really wanted cock and who am I to get in the way of peoples dreams. So she got on her knees, I got my nerd cock out and she's started taking it all in, just like that, all of the fucking length of the meat all the way down her fucking throat. Fucking hell she sucked as good as it looks like she did and then some. She Sucked, she slurped, she spat on my dick, took it in deep, and got a face full of nerd man custard. What more could a guy ask, and it was a white Christmas after all, all over her fucking face and in her mouth. Wonderful. Merry Christmas Fuckers.

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