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Sophie Garcia - Practice Suck

Hahaha I love it when a girl gets the wrong end of the stick. Some times the girls do the conning for me and I don't have to do anything. Sophie was the girl who I mistook for doing porn. I thought she wanted to do it, so she was shocked to at the least, when I got my knob out. Check out the other episodes of Sophie to see the story so far. Now we already re shot her audition, as she felt she could do better, a lot of girls do that for some reason when they finally get their head around it. So I was expecting her to fuck me this time, after a few false starts. Sophie seemed to be happy with the sucking but she needed to get used to the camera. She asked if she we could practice more, fuck don't say that to me, the Nerd Pervert. That's offering me it on a plate, and I will take a fucking big bite. She seemed to misunderstand the fake work I was offering. My fucking story has always been shoot a few audition tapes and then the so called work will come in. But she thought I was gonna let them keep coming back until they feel they have enough experience on camera. Now I could of just said yes she was right, but it could of been a trick.Think about it, the word could be out on me, and after Chloe and Candi stitching me up I was taking no chances. So I made out that I don't do this, but if she was worried and wanted to do well, that I would help her a bit more but she can't tell others as I don't offer this to other girls. This made me sound like a saint and a stand up helpful guy. The fact that its my cock that helps them out and gets wet, is just an after thought. So she came back later that evening sucked my dick, and let me blow a big Nerd load all over her face. Lets hope she feels that she needs a lot more performing on camera experience, as I'm her man.

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