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Sophie Garcia - No Fuck Luck

Well its time to turn the conning up a notch. Sophie had sent me a text to ask if I had heard back from the agents as I said I would mention her to the agents that we had started the audition process, even though I told her not to paster me. But this girl isn't dumb, so I tried to calm the situation before it needed to be, so I setup loads of fake email accounts and sent her lots of positive feedback to make it look like America was waiting for when she was ready to conquer it. I am a genius and I even surprised myself sometimes. A few days later she was round telling me about all the contacts she had been contacted by, safe to say it worked like a charm. She then wanted to redo her audition as now she was more prepared and wanted to re-do it, as she felt more confident since the first time it was bit out of blue because of the mix up. To seem like a legit agent I told her she didn't need to redo do it and like a charm it worked and my pants were round my ankles and she was noshing on my nerd cock. Christ i'm good, check this out guys its not to be missed, its me at my conning best.

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