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Sienna Hudson - The Sex Addict

Well this has all come to a fucking head hasn't it? After weeks and weeks of Scarlet claiming I have a problem and I could be a sex addict. Turns out she has been making sneaky phone calls behind my back, booking appointments for me to speak to a sex addict advisor. I never realized until I met her today that she was the women I answered the door too when I had a fucking hard on when me and Craig was getting our cocks sucked by Lucy Lane. So to say she thinks I have a problem after talking to Scarlet and me having a boner when first meeting her is an under statement. I tell you what this sex adviser Sienna was a hot piece of arse, a MILF but fuck would she get it. She tried to get me to answer some questions, and I did but I guess I failed. What's worse she said she used to be an addict and that she has a hold over it now and can say no and resist. Don't fucking tell me that, I'm the fucking Nerd Pervert. She is right she could resist until I dropped my pen, ended up between her legs and found out her trigger was having her pussy eaten. Fuck, that's just like telling me to eat you out, which I did and she fucking snapped and she got proper Nerd fucked. This has been building for weeks, and its not to be missed. It just goes to show that when you meet me, even the strongest minded can crack. Sienna cracked alright and I was right up her crack.

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