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Sienna Hudson - Addicts Together

Caitlyn the wannabe model who has been bugging me for weeks, asking me 101 questions has finally come to talk about modelling work. Turns out her fucking friend is Carly Rae the now well porn star, thought the game was up there, but she must not of been told that I conned her best mate, weird but lucky for me. Anyway, I went a little too far and exposed myself to the shock of Caitlyn, who decided this is not for her. Meanwhile the Sex Addiction lady Sienna, although fucking sexy as fuck, is the worst focus group leader ever. She's telling people with sex addiction it can be controlled and you can say no and she cracks very easily, or she really likes Nerd cock. After fucking eating out her mature pussy last time that got her going enough for me to fuck her silly on my sofa, she has now returned to tell me ever since she met me she can't focus. The worst thing she could so is come to my house. In the middle of our chat her phone rang, she was looking mighty fine, so while she had her back to me I got my cock out and came up behind her feeling her massive tits and making her get on her knees. She put up a fight, just not much of a one and before long she was hanging up on a client and sucking on my nerd cock. See that's where me and Sienna differ, she believes you have to treat and hone in your addiction I believe you have to let it out, all over sluts faces and man, did it feel good. Fucking hot sexy MILF cock smoker, with jizz on her face. Don't miss this episode guys.

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