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Millie Santoro - Fan Suck

Fucking well this was an epic yet very confusing day, Remember when Millie a mad fan who was a big fan of the show, just fucking turned up on the day to meet me. She had watched every episode of Nerd Pervert and worked out where I fucking lived. Now I should of been freaked out, but she was the kind of mad fan that you wanted, cute as fuck and hot as anything with a sexy arse. Well she only came back after seeing herself feature in an episode where I included the vlog, that featured her. I invited her in and she was over the moon as she felt like is was on a movie set. The weird thing was she thought I was a fucking character and I was acting. This was strange to me but the fact that she was easy on the fucking eyes made me play up to it. With Millie looking like she did, I was happy to just nod and go along with it. She said that she wanted to be in an audition so I asked her since she was a fan did she want to pose with my Nerd cock in her mouth. To say she jumped at the chance was a bit of a mother fucking understatement. I can’t believe it was that easy, and that most of all I could be myself, no charming her or anything as she thought I was acting. She ended up continuing and doing what she thought no Nerd pervert fan would end up doing. Fucking sucking some nerd dick. She gagged, she got my balls nice and wet, fuck this girl was amazing at sucking cock and something I would gladly have her do again and again. I really do hope she comes back for that audition, and who knows maybe she will come round at the click of my fingers just because she is a massive fan??? I fucking hope so.

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