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Lucy Lane - Stress Relief Cum

Sometimes I get really down when I've had no pussy. When things get so bad, that I've had no opportunity to seize the moment on some unsuspecting lady, or had a model fall for my bull shit or even a new girl who wants to be famous. I drive Scarlet up the wall. I reckon her catching me wanking or me moaning because I am going through a pussy drought, is equally annoying to her. She's just as glad as me when I get some action as it means she gets a rest from me. It wasn't so much as I didn't have any new girls to con either, my phone book of sluts was decreasing too. The girls had either changed their number, or realized they can get better sex else where and lets be honest, that isn't hard really is it. Luckily there is one girl who always answers my call. Not because I bend over backwards, filming audition after audition for her, but because we are basically sex friends anyway and I think she loves Nerd cock too. Yep Lucy lane is fabulous. Great at making your dick spit, loves swallowing cum, and has great suckon on your dick, what more do you need to lift your spirits? You have seen her before, but can you really get enough of Lucy Lane? Of course you fucking can't.

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