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Liz Rainbow - Audition Time

Well my conning last time must of worked. All the bull shit I told Liz about us pushing her in before other girls we already had in worked. She was so keen and I'm sorry but no girl coming through my door that keen is not getting her mouth stuffed with Nerd cock. I told her last time that after showing me her oral skills she needed to come back and audition properly, meaning the genius I am means i'm getting more cock sucking and fucking if she falls for it, fingers crossed. So yes she had travelled all the way from Spain again to the UK to my shag pad to suck my cock as Scarlet filmed it. You can not get too much of your cock down Liz's throat, she chokes, she gags, she swallows spunk, fuck man you can't turn that shit down. Check it out. This is fucking amazing and so is Liz.

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