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Jasmine Knight - Stripper Audition

Well well well, who would of thought teaming up with that local studio would be a big win for me. I think he is starting to come around and trust me. Now his trust is completely miss placed, I mean I have got CCTV spy cameras up in his studio but apart from that, he's starting to trust me. Some things aren't ringing true about him either though. Like why he contacted me asking if I know someone who owns a strip club? He's a photographer so why is he getting girls into strip clubs? Lucky for me I went round there and he had this hot blonde girl in with a petite figure, wow. He asked me if I knew anyone and then I just went on to blag to her that I owned a strip club and that my club was one of the best in the area. Zac the studio owner just looked blank at me as if to say, what the fuck? I told her she would have to do an audition for other members of the board, so she agreed and Zac filmed it. What followed was a really good free lap dance that gave me a raging hard on. I asked her if she could really show me how turned on she could get me and when she asked what I meant, I said if I unzip my trousers. She then proceeded, off that one sentence to get on her knees and lock her lips around my Nerd cock. You guys have got to see this, I guess she must of wanted the job as she could of told me to fuck off. What followed was a hot as fuck blow job from a brand new, never before seen face that ended up with a big cum blast to the face.

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