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Jade Jenson - Cuban Cutie

Finally finally I got a contact number for this so called real agency that who was stealing girls away from me. Scarlet said its not stealing they are just choosing to go to a reputable agency. Well fuck that, I see it as they were taking girls away from me. Whats more, the girls believed my bullshit but they thought we were too high profile and they didn't want the exposure that we offered. Who doesn't want to sky rocket to the top, I know its not real but they don't know that do they. So I got this guys number, Zac you call him. I got it off another girl who decided to go to them instead of me. It was the last straw. So I kept my cool, called him up and tried to meet him at his studio. He agreed finally and even asked if I wanted to come over when he had a model in. I eventually found the place and I figured I would attempt to con him too, maybe join forces, after all I was loosing out on some fucking pussy so, thought I'd try and team up with the guy. Turns out he was too fucking honest and only shot topless. I tried telling him porn was where all the money was. He must not of liked what I said as he tried to make excuses for me to leave, after he said I could stay on the phone. Then the model was early so I got to meet her anyway. What a fucking beauty she was, my word she was hot. Cuban she was. First girl of his I meet and its a nationality I hadn't fucked yet, what are the odds. I knew I had to have her mouth around my dick as soon as I saw her. Zac's phone rang a model had turned up wanting her photos from a past shoot, as he left the room I took my chance to steam in there. At first she was shocked at porn and getting her fucking tits out was a big step for her. But in my true genius style, I talked her into trying to do it off camera so she was relaxed then when Zac came back in the room she already had a mouth full of cock. I talked him into filming it, and boy was she good, she was shy yes but she took my nerd cock in deep, and even let me bust a nut on her face. I hope this is the start of a joint venture with adult auditions, I might as well go through his girls as well as the ones I find, its double the pussy isn't it?

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