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Haley Quinn - Cat Gets Her Cream

Well before I get to the good stuff, lets start with the fucking bad. My worst nightmare has come true. I'm loosing girls and a real local agency has started up in the area. They seem to be fucking shit hot at the google thing as a lot of models are finding them over me, and some are even picking them over us even after making contact with me first. So A, I'm not getting pussy and B, they are the real fucking deal and this is stopping me even telling girls my fucking bull shit. I need to do something about this, even if I have to tell them to fuck off or even team up, but I will have to con them like the models and convince them I am the fucking big balls, and I can help them soar higher than they are now only state side. So I was down on my luck because of that, when Haley contacted me and said she had a new comic book costume as she wanted to show me. She loves comics and she gets horny when she's wearing her outfits so I actually like hanging out and chatting to her as well as stare at her tits and get a nosh. She wants to get into modelling too, so even though this was a bit of fun, I still need to put her through her paces, fuck her and get her auditions done. She is hot as fuck has massive tits and I don't think I have seen the last of her. But check this out, the black Cat sucks my cock and has me spraying all over her massive fun bags.

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