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Devon Breeze and Lucy Lane - Camera Training

Lucy Lane to the rescue again. Scarlet's social life is getting in the way of shoots and even though I would think nothing of setting a few cameras up on tripods and just fucking the girls myself rather than miss out, its a pain in the arse. I only do this when I have to as its more for me to think about and what I want to think about is pussy. Lucy had very kindly offered to fill in and shoot the content for me should Scarlet not be free to do it, but she was nervous she would balls it up due to lack of experience. So I called her round to give her lessons and show her some of the most popular angles when shooting porn. Getting into this positions was getting me really horny indeed. When it was time to cover the POV angles it was easier to just get my cock out and show her. Lucy started sucking my dick as I turned the view finder on her so she could see how I was framing the shot. Suddenly my phone rang, it was Devon Breeze, she had been knocking and I had not heard her. She came in, saw right through my ploy to get Lucy on her knees, but still suggested while there was a hard cock going spare she had better join in. So I got a double cock sucking off two sexy big fitted bitches and who says lying doesn't get you anywhere as it sure does fucking work for me. Check this scene out for an amazing cum swallowing, snowball scene.

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