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Chloe Davis - The Fem Dom

I do brag sometimes about how good I am, I love it when you get a girl call on the phone who wants to get into modelling. Even better when they just come out and tell you straight up that they want to break into the US. My fake little adverts that I put out all over the internet lured Chloe in at a time when they weren't bringing in much pussy and I was starting to rethink the situation. I arranged a date with her and thought it would be putty in my hands. When I answered the door to her on the day of the shoot, I was not expecting what I saw. She was really tall, and didn't look like a push over at all, but I'm not one to judge, it was a pussy so I wanted it. I proceeded to tell her the usual shit and she looked totally unconvinced. She came out right and said she didn't believe me, and to be honest I wasn't prepared for that. She didn't see the point in sucking my dick and letting me fuck her for free as she called it. She then just told me to stand up and take my clothes off. I have to say I didn't know what was going on, she just said that she found what I said hard to believe so why was she telling me to strip ?. She then just started getting rough with me, telling me to get my cock out, then laughing at the size of my man hood, then sucking my cock because she wanted to not because I wanted her too. And it was all a fucking set up to expose me for being a fraudster. Keep watching to find out who was behind it.

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