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Chantelle Coleman - The Cum On

Fucking hell that was out of the blue. When your conning and your bullshit is going down well with a girl that she comes back for more, then when she next comes round she says she has had enough. Since when did she figure out I was a sleaze ball? Well it turns out she had enough of the situation between me an her but not on the scale that I first thought. I thought she had been tipped off I was a conman or something, it turns out she didn't like me taking advantage of her over the smashed window from years ago, which she still hasn't paid. The fact that it wasn't my window is not the case, she thought it was and she hadn't paid so I thought it only fair that I get it back in sexual favours. The porn side she was still happy doing or as in me act as her agent, I couldn't see the difference really, but check this scene out, she was 100% sure I wasn't getting anymore sex off camera and I was 100% sure I was, who was the stronger willed? and who won this, watch to find out.

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