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Vicky Powell - Craving The Dick

Well when I was lucky enough to con a well known porn star into my fake casting agent story of lies, you don’t expect them to be the one you have wanked over for a decade in page 3 of a UK British news paper or had that many wanks you can’t remember when she went from glamour model to porn. Vicky is the girl for me, so the fact she bought my bullshit and has done a cock sucking audition and a Full on fuck scene audition is one of my proudest moments. I’d like to think it’s all down to how I execute and make my move, but I have to be honest here. I think the fact that she left the business for a good while and believed that she needed some sort of agent like me to jump start her career was also a big part of why she bought all my lies. She thought that you are quickly forgotten when the people you worked with way back when wasn’t around and anymore and coming back was like starting again as the business moves on and forgets pretty quickly. That isn’t true, I mean come on she’s Vicky Powell. But I was happy to go with that, as it was a way in so I could then come at her from that angle that she needed someone like me. However, it was a long time since Vicky Powell appeared in a vlog and the more time that goes by the more you think, yep she is on to me and that’s the last I will hear from her. Well out of the blue one time when Scarlet was visiting the area, Vicky called to say she had been stood up by a photographer in the area and could she stop by and say hi, before she heads back off so it wasn’t a total waste of a journey. I said sure. When she turned up she had the usual rant, as you would expect but she said she was also mad because she was wanting cock that day and thanks to this dick head who let her down she wasn’t getting any. I was sat there thinking fuck. Then all of a sudden she stood in front of me, and started getting undressed, and getting her massive tits out. Then she just said that she was going to give me an incentive to fast track her to the US agents I told her I had sent off the auditions too. I mean hell BJ ‘s are like flowers for men, this was Vicky Powell and she was not on her knees, sucking my nerd cock. Fuck she is a fucking pro at it, and it was short lived as she had me wanting to spunk in no time. Hey I’m not a real porn producer remember I’m just an everyday guy who can’t hold his nerd cum from is bollocks if it feels good. Then after deep throating my cock, and sucking me real good, she hit a pleasure nerve on my cock while I was groping her arse and I had to jump up and bust a nerd nut all over her face. Wow, that felt so fucking good. But now I will have to think of a way to keep her going a bit longer as to why the agents haven’t called her in a few week’s time. Never a dull moment in this game. I’m always kept on my toes.

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