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Valentina Bianco - Forbidden Suck

Fucking hell, I’m sure trouble just finds me you know. I am out for any hot bitch I can find. If they will buy my bullshit and suck my dick or let me fuck them, I’m a happy chap. I never set out to con any of my friends, girlfriends, mothers, grans or anything. It has never crossed my mind. Now what I didn’t count on was all of the fucking above to come on to me. By far the sexiest I have met is Valentina, ohhh wow is she stunning. Now when my childhood friend introduced me to her….. I was jealous and yes I did think, man I bet she would be good at porn, while never actually planning on doing anything with her. Tony had fucked her on my sofa, and I guess he must of told her what I get up too, why I have no fucking Idea….. but she came round after falling out with him and asked if I would audition her. At first I played dumb and pretended to not know what she meant, but it became obvious he had told her. Luckily that it wasn’t all fake and lies and that I just shoot porn auditions. She and Tony kept falling out all the fucking time, and this was one of those days. She said she wanted to audition for me to be in a porn movie. Fuck the things I tried to avoid, which I can’t when its offered on a plate and she fucking offers to suck my dick. I mean Fuck My Life. It’s bad that yes, I’m gonna do this to someone else close to my friends, but good that she is just so dam fucking sexy how can you not want too? She showed me her tight hole and tight little body and that petite arse and she was soon to work on my cock. Fucking hell she could suck dick, she just sucked and sucked and sucked, fast and hard, soft and slow she did it all. She even spat all over my dick and sucked on my nerd knackers. She even took my Nerd spunk all over her face. She’s a waitress, she needs to pack that shit in right now and practise being a slut, and she will go mother fucking far.

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