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Tilly Jackson - Cunning Copper

I would love to know who has been complaining about all the noise coming from our office over the past year . It goes quiet then the complaints start back up again.I have been trying to think of anyone we are all on speaking terms with, Can’t be Inara as she may be shy but she loves coming here for Nerd cock. So does Ellie even though she works for the same company. She loves sucking cock and hopefully one day getting fucked too. Inara’s and Ellie’s boss Ava even liked some nerd dick down her throat so they are all sluts really. Miles is just the quiet guy down stairs on reception. Candy Cummings is the person I would put money on, she is the ex landlord and yes she did blackmail me for a fuck but she has nothing to lose now. But I have been worrying about the noise complaints and the police have also been around a few times too.This is without the new owner finding out about it, which to my knowledge she hasn’t. Well with all that in my head, Miles brought PC English up again and he started asking a lot more questions when me and Tilly were hanging out. Turns out the horny bitch has a thing for guys in uniform so she was flirting all over him.I would like to think it was to make the situation of him being there easier but nope, she just basically wanted to fuck him. We were running out of excuses and I could tell he didn’t believe me, and we had to come clean. Turns out he was a dodgy copper and he said if he could get involved then he would not nick us. Tilly basically jumped on him at this point and me and Miles were left to watch, and I continued to vlog only now it was turning into a fucking porn scene. She was sucking on the PC English’s cock in no time, and then started to fucking bounce on his cock. She even got fucking greedy and asked Miles to get involved. I couldn’t fucking believe it. She got bent over and fucked hard off both of them and ended up getting two loads all over her fucking slut face and in her mouth. This was an unexpected day and a rare day where I came out empty handed. I was fucking fed up.But I’m sure you guys will like it, it was a horny scene just I was grumpy I got fuck all.

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