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Summer Ray - Double Nerd Glazing

So today is the day, interview with a possible PA for all of my emails and typing so I can concentrate on the knobbing. Loula was stunning when she arrived was keen and because she was so fit I gave her the job, it just felt right, she felt right. Craig is away and me and Chris have been getting on quite well considering that he was last to the group with me Craig and Tony. However, Scarlet has noticed that we are closer than we used to be as in with Craig being away Chris has taken the place of the gaming marathon that we have every week. Hey I need an extra pair of hands but Scarlet was talking the piss so I got all defensive. Chris nipped home to get his extra expensive game controller since my shit one had packed in, as Chris was leaving Summer Ray called by to ask when her next part of the audition will be. I do pretend and keep models waiting on purpose to make it look like I’m not as keen and desperate. It was working on Summer as now she was hounding me for a date. I told her why I had been busy with some bull shit reason. She asked to use the loo and got changed into this sexy outfit with long red fuck me boots too. She asked if I’d put her to the top of my list she would suck my cock. Well holly fuck I wasn’t going to say no to that. She had only just got her lips around my cock and Chris returned with his game controller. What’s more Summer asked if he wanted to join in, holly fuck she wanted two cocks. Now is this girl so cock mad or does she even care for her audition at all. She did the lot, stuffed both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time, spat on our dicks, wanked them like they were going out of fashion and let us both shoot a load all over her tits. What an afternoon, turns out there’s more to life than computer games and its pussy.

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