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Summer Ray - 3 for the price of 1

Well well well, I’ve finally kept Summer waiting long enough. The whole plan with her was because she was so keen and cock hungry, I felt that I had to keep her waiting and making her think I was that busy to see her and so I wasn’t that desperate to fuck her. So, I finally set a date with her. Chris was wanting to give me a hand and although I knew Summer wouldn’t be fazed by 2 dicks, I like to stick to the bull shit I give them in case they see I’m just a fucking nerd chancer. He’s always horny Chris, turns out he has been fucking that hot black girl he told me about in the swingers club, her name is Lola and he showed me a picture of her. Fuck she is stunning, so now I’m going to go on and on at him to try and get him to get her to come round and let us both have a go on her. So Summer arrived all early and keen, sexy outfit on indeed, plus she is dying to fuck on camera. So I eat her out, get my dick sucked and start fucking her, next minute Chris and Craig turn up in the middle of it. Craig does show up when he wants to but can he get it up that’s another thing? The lads soon join in when Summer invites them too. The lucky girl ended up with 3 nerd cocks to play with in various different sizes. She road our cocks, got fucked from behind, stuffed from any angle basically. Maybe there is a future in 3 nerd shoots. I don’t usually like to share, but as long as I get some poon and I do like to see a hot bitch get covered in cum, and being right there watching it and adding my load to the mix, is a fucking hot time. This scene has to be seen to believed. Nerd Pervert brings you only the best porn vlogs.

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