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Sophie Sheridan - Sucker Punt

Fucking Craig is acting like a right weird cunt lately. He’s my best friend from childhood but sometimes he can he so weird. He’s now cancelling nights out with us, he’s coming over and visiting only when there is pussy on the go, or just to say hi, never stays for long so its all weird. I don’t know if he’s offended because Chris is living here or what, he’s also been struggling when we have been filming, I mean who gets a floppy cock in front of a hot girl? I have some catching up to do, chasing models for shoots etc so can’t think of Craig. I managed to get a date set with Summer Ray, to get her next boy-girl shot, so got that to look forward to. Chris wanted in but I told him that there is time for that later. One step at a time as they can’t think it’s a con. We had a look at some escorts as I was thinking of booking one as a treat while Chris was at work. He doesn’t see the point. He doesn’t mind fucking porn stars but he prefers the chase of a girl. I couldn’t give a fuck and picked one called Sophie but she wasn’t free tomorrow when I wanted her. Luckily that day when I was about to have a porn hub wank, she called back with a cancelation. I jumped at the chance for her to stop by. Sadly, it was a quickie that cancelled and she had another booking around that so, it was a quickie for me. I had no choice. Sophie was naturally pretty, had a nice curvy body and the best tattoos I’ve ever seen. Plus she really went to town on my cock. There is no way I’d of lasted that long even if it was a two hour booking, the way she sucked a dick. I was more than happy with the nosh she gave me. She sucked and sucked on it, until I was ready to blast her all over the face, she was happy to take a nerd blast to the face and that was my day set up right. A nosh on a morning puts you in a good mood all day.

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