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Sophie Garcia - Scarlet's farewell

Well it’s been a long long road, but tomorrow Scarlet leaves for Uni. I’m a guy who doesn’t like change. For many reasons, but mainly because I never got to fuck Scarlet. But I guess she has to think of her future, and if I ever go down and the word totally gets out, well then, she has to have a plan B and her plan B is to leave before that day comes. But I wished her luck and I really meant it. Chris on the other hand, had other plans. Turns out his lease is up on his flat and he can either renew it or move in with me. I kind of wanted to be on my own for a while, but he has got protentional to be a fellow Nerd Pervert. He seems to have a natural knack for lying, and he is a swinger. Maybe there is other ways of getting pussy other than lying about being a porn producer? Maybe he could bring me back whores from his swinging clubs? Either way I have to at least try and see how well it goes. I didn’t really like the lad at first and thought he was a big-headed prick who loved himself. But in recent months I’ve seen more of him than Craig, as hes always with his family so Chris has hung out more and we seem to be getting on great. If that’s not it, I get a call from Sophie Garcia who called wanting more practise on camera…. Now I gotta say, I thought she had vanished but since getting the wrong end of the stick when I first met her, that the audition process was as many goes as she wanted until she was used to the camera, well I wasn’t going to fucking tell her she was wrong. So, Since Scarlet was out saying her good byes, I told her to come round, I’d stick my dick in her mouth and put a POV camera in her face, that will get her used to the camera? Half way through her sucking on my vainy nerd cock, Scarlet was back from seeing friends and walked in. For old times sake I told her to get the camera out and film Sophie. Yep I went there and had her working for me up until the last minute hahaha. Sophie looks stunning with a cock in her mouth looking directly at the camera, shes is amazing at sucking dick and it’s a shame she doesn’t believe in herself as much. But that’s my gain and I unloaded all over her fucking face and man was it good. As for Scarlet she said she will still visit, and even though she doesn’t know yet, each time she does if I have a tart in I’m going to get her to film it and make her work for it. But thanks to Scarlet for the last 8 years, fuck knows how you put up with me for that long, but thanks.

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