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Sarah Jane - The Amazing Suck

Ohhh Scarlet’s friends, I like them all me. Jessica, Tanya and Sarah. All of them I have fucked to Scarlet’s disappointment. Every time she says she’s going out, I hope she brings them back her and to fair, I’ve been there done that and bough the fucking T – Shirt so there no use in her fighting it. Sarah and Scarlet haven’t had a catch up for ages, and I’ve not had Sarah Jane’s hot mouth around my dick for some time. So, after a girly day out shopping and shit, they came back to the house to get ready for a night out. Sarah popped up to see me, I had already heard they were back but that didn’t stop me putting on some porn and having a wank. I don’t give a fuck who’s in or who Scarlet has round never mind if its one of her hot friends who I know puts out. Sarah popped in to say hi, totally un fazed that I was playing with my cock. She told me she was looking forward to tonight but had heard that the new place her and Scarlet were going to was expensive. I told her if she gave me a little help with my wank, like with her mouth I’d give her some money. She was on her knees like a shot, with those big massive tits in my face. Happy days. Wow this girl is amazing and sucks cock like a trooper and loves getting messy so of course this scene had a great, hot, sticky white mess all over her fucking face as an ending. Check it out my fellow perverts.

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