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Roxxie Sweetheart - Hotel Spaffing

Loose ends are shite. Every now and then I am sitting in my office and then a model pops into my head. Either I have not heard from them in a while, we have unfinished business or they were so fucking good at sucking and fucking that I want another go. Most of the time if it was the latter, I have completed what I told them was the casting audition and now if I do want to get them back, I have to come with a believable reason, to which you have no way of knowing they will fall for it or not, and just have to go for it. Chris was at work again, as his part timer was off again. He really needs to look at that, plus it was interfering with our night out on the beer, which is ever good, especially if it’s starting later than usual. So today I was at a loose end, nothing to do or nothing to fuck. I had called my go to Lucy Lane who seems to have fucking vanished and never answers the phone anymore. And of course the lovely Abbie too, I think she may of gone fucking AWOL again. But then Roxxie popped in my head, now she was a good cock sucker, and can ride cock like the best of them, so I called her and she was free, so I booked a hotel room where we first met her, and talked her into sucking my cock, claiming that this is how we should of started the auditions in the first place, but she was so keen for two nerd cocks. She had a few questions, and at one point I didn’t think she was buying it, but then she smiled and asked me if I just wanted my dick wet, I said yes and she went with it and before you know it, she was on her knees sucking and swallowing all of my nerd cock. This vlog was the same as all the others she has appeared in so far. A one where you can’t last as long as most girls as she is just too good at sucking on cock, and before you know it, you are spaffing all over her fucking face. She loves rubbing it and playing with it. Another spunktastic scene from Roxxie as always.

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