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Riley Raven - Riley's Ready

Oh Riley, oh fuck Riley thank you for travelling all the way up from London. I thought the one off solo video was just her coming up on a 3 hour journey as a one off never to be seen again. Well she was here for another photo shoot and Zac asked me to come over and have a chat with her. Well that could mean only one thing, Pussy time. I only get called over when a model wants to know about adult video work as let’s face it, that’s all I fucking care about. She seemed pretty certain the first time I shot her that she didn’t want to do it, but the seed had been planted. It had her wondering, and at worst case scenario she wanted to know more even if she didn’t go through with it. There was hope and a fucking dirty sleazy bastard like me hangs on to that shit. Once I got over there, I walked in and she was already bent over with that slim tight arse of hers. That made me want her more. Zac stopped his photo shoot and told me to have a chat with her. Now to me, that means fill her head full of shit and get her to really want to do porn. Let me tell you, it took some doing. Then I pulled my ace in the whole out. I told her she could suck my dick today, I’d sit on the video and not sent it off to the agents I work for until she yes. If she didn’t I will delete the video. She agreed… oh fuck she said yes and that she will give it go, it almost makes up for a few weeks ago. I wasted no time in getting me hands all over her, and feeling her up, before instructing her to get on her knees. She was shy, but still sexy in terms of her smiling and winking at the camera all the time, it was so cute. She started to suck my dick really softly and slowly and fuck it was good… wow. She had beautiful brown eyes looking up at you. She also had this cute green tint to her hair I hadn’t noticed last time as I was too busy wanting to fuck her when she was twatting herself in front of me. She sucked slow and sensual but that made we want to pop my spunk in her mouth, so I instructed her that this was the best way to do a successful audition and then popped on off in her mouth, she even swallowed abit which was cool. All ends well, if you are a patient pervert. I didn’t think I was, who knew.

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