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Riley Raven - Cute little sucker

Well, welcome to the future. Scarlet is wanting to try other things, Chris and Craig are sly fuckers who fucked a few girls while I was away on Holiday at the start of the year. I got over it, eventually, even though it meant I got no poon. But then they started saying we were a production company, as if they were part of the team. At first I was like fuck this, I’m not letting them worm there way in, the pussy is all mine. But now since Scarlet could be going away to University and I can’t wait till she visits to try and get girls to sit on nerd cock. One of those two are going to have to film for me. Now Craig has done it a few times, but Chris is keen too. But then I thought, this whole fake agent thing is starting to go down like a sack of shit. Some of the girls are starting to find out that there is a con man on the loose and even though most don’t know its me, it’s making them more cautious, meaning they may not buy into it as much. So I may need them to, dare I say it, fuck some of girls. This video is about me changing the way I do things, should Scarlet leave. So this vlog is the new way, pretend I’m vlogger, get them used to the camera from the minute I answer the door and go from there. Chris having was having go at the camera, and then I get a call from Zac. Lovely Riley is over tomorrow. So I quickly told Zac that I will be over tomorrow to tell her something. I have no fucking idea what, but you know I will think of something. Flash forward to the next day, I walk in the studio and fuck me, you should have seen the outfit Riley had on. It was fucking see through, you could see her tits, her arse and her pussy. Then I just came out with it, that the goal posts have moved for what audition I need to capture, and we may need to re film some things. Zac didn’t seem to mind when he realised it was his cock that was needed too. Oh yes, you guessed it. Riley is going to have to handle two cocks. Man it’s like butter wouldn’t melt. Shes so cute with one dick in her face never mind two. She does it all with a smile on her face, and the odd wink at the camera. She kisses, she sucks, she nibbles, she almost cock worships. Now that is what I call a horny girl. Abit away from being a porn star but, with a bit of help and guidance she will get there. Oh man, wait till you see this girls face covered in two loads. All new to her this, but so so fucking horny to see. This is real first timers, really shyness and real cuteness at it best. The other two nerds would be jealous.

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