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Poppy McQuire - Boyfriend Play

Oh man, Poppy. What a sexy petite little thing she is. A hell of a find too and every since I met her I was wondering what she would be like riding the dick and today I get to find out. She’s done quite a bit in her first auditions with us. She allowed me to talk her into porn when at Zac’s studio, then she ended up sucking two cocks on another shoot, where Zac got in there again. Great how he puts up less of a fight each time. So when I got his call saying that Poppy was coming to the studio to do the last part of her audition, I knew what that meant, get fucked by my Nerd Cock. Zach said there was an issue first so when I got there and found out the issue, I was a bit surprised. Turned out she still wanted to do porn but she felt that sex should be between her and a guy if she was in a relationship. At first I thought, fuck does this girl even know what porn is???? So after thinking off the top of my head like I do, I told her that even though she was single why didn’t she for the sake of the scene just pretend that I was her fella? It made sense to me, bit of role play to help her get through it, why not. She agreed and fuck me, something must of awakened in her. As soon as she went with that, she didn’t half go for it. She loved being eaten out, loved being fucked and bent over hard, she was that small I could pick her up and just put her anywhere I wanted too. She loved it and she cum all over my cock, and swallowed my nerd load. Poppy can be as big as she wants to be, especially if she keeps coming back to me, I will just do what I always do, promise them the world.

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