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Well this is a time when I do like the past to catch up with me. When you don’t realise that you made a good impression on someone, until they tell you and are back to suck your cock. That is what happened here. The first ever swingers club I go to after Chris asking me for months and we meet 2 pornstars, and two sluts who would make great porn stars. Fast forward 6 months, and I get a call from none other than Pixie Peach. Saying she loved sucking our cocks and loved that we filmed it and sent her a copy. Now she wants to go through our casting program and hopefully get work in the US. Now I don’t know where she saw this at, but my advertising online must be doing great if it’s tricking porn stars into porn. So I arranged a date, told the other two lads to be free, as when Pixie heard there was 3 of us, she was definitely all in. I told the guys when she was about to arrive as Craig wanks over porn all the time and so will know she is a porn star. Chris loves Pixie after meeting her at the bukkake party, so I didn’t want them to be like giddy little bitches when she walked through the door. Speaking of that I don’t know how long she had been listening, but we heard her talking from behind the door. When she came in she looked stunning. And started flirting straight away. She couldn’t wait to get to our cocks. What followed was her gobbling all our nerd cocks right up to the balls, asking us to throat fuck her, making her fucking eyes water and her make up run, then blast all our nerd spunk all over her face. This girl is a porn star and she wasn’t messing about. Proper fucking slut, don’t miss it.

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