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Penelope Westbrook - Hotel Nosh and Go

Well as you all know all females in Craig Colson’s family are sluts. His mam, His Gran, His Sister, and even if not so much his cousin Penelope. Now she was a lot more shy than the rest but, she still went for Chris cummings scheme the first time we met her when she came around to play some computer games. In Truth or dare she really took seriously. So seriously that I managed to eat her out, and me and Chris got sucked off and covered her glasses in spunk which she ate off. Then she started seeing this guy, so she had her doubts about fooling around with us nerds again and when she came around to break the news, I talked her out of it, and got a nosh. Now it was months since we heard from her, then I found out off Craig that she was coming to visit but was staying in a hotel so I briefed Chris about it and that if he ever saw her again, what to say. Then he just randomly said he was going for a walk and just left. Very strange, but ok. 10 mins later he turned up at Penelope’s hotel to talk her into still having fun with him and me. Thank god he brought the little white vlogging camera with him. What followed was him talking her into sucking him off and him eating her out. He literally did exactly what I did the last time she was here, and again she fell for it. Now is she playing us or is she not? Who knows but she gave Chris a hell of mouth job and got a great eating out, oh and spunk on her glasses again. Yep total slut.

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