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Penelope WestBrook - Nervous Nerd

Oh dear, Craig is going back to Kaz, fuck knows how many times they have both fallen out now. But he knows how much of an idiot I think he is going back with her in the first place and how much of an stupid fucker he is to still be with her. Craig told me in a passing comment that his cousin Penelope was visiting for a few days. This is one of those moments when you don't know where to look. I mean I’ve fucked around with him mam, his Gran and his sister. Last time Penelope was here when she had a gaming session with us, we played truth or dare and she ended up being eaten out and sucking both of our dicks. She wasn’t sure she was gonna come and see us while she was up but I managed to talk her into it. Turns out the reason she was being weird and acting all funny is she is dating someone and she didn’t think we should be fooling around any more. I told her dating is getting to know someone and not a relationship making her a free agent still? I said while having my hand on her leg and then moving up her top. She seemed to see where I was coming from so I thought fuck it and asked her if she would get on her knees. She did and next minute she was having another go at deep throating my cock. I say try, its not as if I am too big, as that would be bullshit but she can’t deep throat any hard cock that well, but she is learning and she can practise on me anytime. She did say when I cum can I come on her glasses to make Chris jealous since he was at work. I was happy with that. I got her to play with her pussy and I fingered her then I got her on her knees and I spunked all over her face. She is pretty camera shy but I still got my wank material on video and for you guys to watch, so I was a happy nerd.

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