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Myla Elyse - A Thing For Nerds

Fucking hell, Myla Elyse is one sexy girl. I was really surprised when she called round to see me. After all she found out I did porn and even found out about this very website. Thanks to Chris who thought it was funny to shout out Nerd Pervert when I was at the Gym talking to her about my back problem. When she did come round after work to chat to me about my back as she couldn’t chat to me at the time as the gym was really busy. She gave me pointers and it must of just been me but the exercises were a bit sexual but then I’m a pervert. She then quizzed me about being called Nerd Pervert and when I made a call to Chris to tell her not to do that shit, she overheard and googled the website. She seemed interested and shocked but I thought she was just being polite. Fast forward to today and I was just leaving to go on the piss with the guys when Myla knocked at the door. I still don’t know why she came over, I know what she ended up doing which was suck my cock in the hall way. She just came by and started paying my complements which looking like I do, I’m not used to. But she had a thing for Nerds and she did say I reminded her of her ex. She proceeded to ask if she was holding me up and if not could she hold me up for a bit longer and then, I shit you not, she just dropped to her knees. You know I’m been held up a few times when meeting friends, so this was nothing new. Hoes before Bros I say. Once she locked her mouth round my cock, I was hers and it doesn’t take much as you know. She then told me I could go, and started to pull my trousers up for me, I was like what the fuck. Turns out she was just joking, and she carried on, phew. My mates kept ringing and Scarlet was only round the corner answering my phone for me. Myla had an amazing body and stripped a little to show me. I could feel my spunk building up and she let me empty all over her face and mouth. She then left me to get on with my evening, I wish all fucking nights out started this way. I think the fact I am a nerd plays into my favour this time at least.

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