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Maeve Winters - Afternoon Fuck Video

Well Zac sometimes gets girls in that can be flakey or nervous or whatever you want to call them. They are usually brand new and when I gate crash his shoots, they are usually only there for a stills shoot. At most it’s fully nude and that’s it. Well that is until I talk to them, with my appealing business model. I even con Zac, he thinks I’m a real producer or why would he let me near his girls? So when I’m there, there is some double conning going on. Well he called me to tell me he had Maeve in for a themed photo shoot, now if you guys remember she has appeared in 2 vlogs already. One when I first met her and she was getting a nosh off Zac, and the other when I got to spunk in her face. So I took the chance much to Chris’s dismay, to get over there and try and get the BG video shot. Chris had half a day off work, but already had plans, this time he wasn’t at work when the call came in and still he missed out. When I got there she was in a Snow White costume, but whatever each to their own. They had finished the photo shoot and after a brief chat about the next step, she was all in there and then, and Zac filmed it. What a body this girl has wow, she was sucking on my dick, riding me nice and deep, loved being fucked really hard being bent over and seemed to like being on camera, she got a face full of spunk and well, I think I could learn her a few more things about the business so, while she’s keen I’m going to move in and see what else I can get out of her.

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