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Luna Doom - Gothic Sucking Machine

Well Chris was full of hell, working again on a shoot day. I did try to get it for a weekend but I felt like when emailing this girl she wanted to get started as quick as she could. She seemed to buy my storyline even though I kept a lot back for when she actually turns up. The video chat too I kept vague but Chris loves tattoos and Gothic looking chicks and this girl had it all. When the day came round, I sat and had a chat with her and really laid it out. The usual stuff I tell them you know, that I can get them work for the big companies overseas bla bla bla. But then she did something I wasn’t expecting. She was questioning me, like she didn’t think it was right that she fuck for nothing when there are videos of her out there fucking. I was like ohhhh fuck. I tried to be as laid back as I could and agreed with her what it sounded like. But yeah she had that look in her eye that she thought I was full of shit. In the past I have always turned it around but before I could attempt to try, she said she would suck my cock. Wow that came out of nowhere. I was struggling to come up with something so thank god for that. But she said she would suck my cock and then see what feedback she gets back first, so there was a part of her that didn't want to chance if I was telling the truth and then her loosing out. Hey a blowjob is better than nothing at all and usually we get the girls to do a BJ anyway first. So hopefully by the time she needs to come in and sit on my nerd cock, I can have a plan to make her believe me more, or at least that's the plan. When she got on her knees, she teased my cock which was already fucking rock hard. She teased my nerd boner on the outside of my pants with her mouth and then she got my cock out nice and slowly and was teasing it. Then as she started to suck it slowly, she then turned into a top sucking noshing machine and just started deep throating my cock. I really got taken by surprise as I thought it was going to be a slow and sensual one then it just turned in to full on face fucking. She really made great eye contact looking up at my camera, while my nerd cock was throbbing. Then she asked me to shoot my load over her tits which I did gladly. I really hope I can get her back at some point as I really need to fuck her.

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