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Lucy Lane Unloaded Guns

So, it’s a guy’s night out, and this time we are going further than the local. We are going into town. Me, Chris and Craig. The plan is since Chris is the ladies man, he can do all the talking, as well …. I’m a pervert and I will probably just tell them to get there knickers down, and Craig is just a shy cunt so that won’t get us anywhere either. Chris is the smooth talker so he can do all the work and I can be the cock, or he can too since hes a dirty bastard. We were just getting ready to go when, I decided to take some business cards in case we get some sluts wanting to do porn. Basically, Chris and Craig and be my delivery guys. Then Chris came up with a very valid point, that he tries not to go out with a loaded gun, as sometimes it makes your hornier and you can sometimes blow it with a lady. Now there was no way we were all going to lob our cocks out and start wanking. Chris said he has girls in his phone that calls just to relieve abit of stress. I had girls in my phone but they were mainly for shoots and stuff. Did I have someone who would just come around and service our cocks? Then it hit me, the lovely Lucy Lane and it wasn’t a case of would she come over, it was, is she free to come over. I thought what that hell I will just tell her that its practice for a shoot that all companies shoot now and that it would be good to have it all on camera. So, I called her and guess what she said she will be over in 30 mins. So we decided to hide Craig in the kitchen, so once I’ve explained it to her, which I know she will listen to, we can surprise her. And of course, because she trusts me so much, she of course agreed to do it and went to town on mine and Chris cocks. Then just as she got into it, getting our cocks wet with her hot mouth, boom we shouted Craig in. She was very very surprised but in a good. She looked so horny with 3 raging hard on’s in her face. She sucked our cocks as if they were going out of fashion and then, one at a time we popped off in her mouth. Fuck me, she played with it, blew bubbles with it and downed all 3 loads all in one go. Lucy is a true spunk slut and we love her for it.

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