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Loula Lou – PA’s Do It Best

Well it’s a New Year so I’m always gagging after the shit Christmas Break. No poon as everyone is being all festive so I hate it. So I get two calls, one from Scarlet sayings she’s in the area in a few days’ time and one from the past, Loula Lou, my old PA. She kind of just disappeared after she showed me how well she could suck a dick. I though she went missing because of the fact that she was maybe a bit embarrassed, and that’s why she never got to do the full audition, but she called up to say she still wants to do it and would visit soon, and she would even help me out with my Admin as a one off. How nice is that. So, my plan at first was to get her round here and then get her to suck my cock while she was already here. But then I thought if I timed it when Scarlet was here then she could film it. All I had to do was talk Scarlet into it, and like the master I am I managed to do just that. It cost me £100 but it still worked none the less. When Loula got to work on my nerd cock, it felt great. For many reasons, like it was my first nosh of the year. It was another blowjob off Loula who was amazing at it. Also it was a bit of turn on that Scarlet was seeing my hard cock again, I mean she isn’t going to touch it so she might as well look at it. Loula is fucking stunning and it’s a pleasure having her on her knees anytime looking up at me while deep throating my cock. Chris missed out again as usual because he was a t work. But I got to blow a load over her face and in her mouth. So I see this was a massive start to the new year, do you?

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