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Louise Lee - Flashing the Gash

Well after 3 months of personal training with Louise, and only finding out a few days ago that she was also a porn star thanks to Chris telling me. I now had to decide what to do about it. Do I say anything to her that I didn’t know at first but now I do? Or that I have watched like 5 of her DVDs that Chris had in his sex shop. Or do I tell her what I do? Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Well you guys know me by now, I never over plan what I am going to say, I wing it and make it up as I go along. I work better that way. Well in my next training session I told her I knew she was a porn star and that I was a casting agent, although to a real porn star that was probably the biggest risk as there’s nothing this girl hasn’t done and really she might see through my nerd conning operations. She did at first think doing auditions for free was a waste of her time at this point in her career but when I mentioned certain parts of the world she hasn’t broken yet like the US, well that started to tip her interest. She agreed to a solo video at first for a few reasons. 1 I was a client and so even though she isn’t shy and she has done some filth over the years, looking at someone in the face who pays you to train them who admits to seeing your porn probably was a bit embarrassing even for anyone. 2, I think she didn’t want to do a full on fuck scene incase I was full of shit, so she was being careful, saying yes but not fully going all the way. Now where I would have loved to of stuck my cock down her throat, I kind of was still happy that a porn star bought my bullshit and secondly, I was going to get to see her big tits and sexy round arse. Something I was staring at anyway over the past 3 months of training everytime she bent over to get the weights. A porn star was on my sofa, playing with her wet pussy, I will take that and it further builds up the trust for her to go further if she doesn’t see through my bull shit further down the line. So if you want to see a well known porn star in one of my vlogs and see how I pulled it off, then this is for you.

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