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Liz Rainbow - Spanish Gash

Man, I fucking hate Christmas. Two weeks of the year where everything closes down and life stops. This is the most quietest time and this means I get no pussy. No girls to con and tell them my bull shit. So I basically spend the whole 2 weeks just laying around the house, watching porn and wanking. In between that, I think of other ideas of how I can get hot bitches to let me fuck them on camera. Scarlet loves Christmas and she couldn't wait, she got my a little something and to be fair it was pretty cool a book all about superheroes, score. Lucky for me Liz Rainbow was here to do her BG audition, right before Christmas. I was going to fucking enjoy this, it was my last one of the year and before the pussy drought so I was going to fill my boots right up to the fucking balls. She picked out a sexy little Christmas outfit and to be fair, hate Christmas or not it was tight, sort and skimpy so how could you not like it. She also had multi coloured hair. Considering she was getting lots of work abroad I thought she may of started to see through me, but no, here she was wanting to get fucked on camera. I wasted no time getting in there, and groping her, fingering her pussy which got really wet in record time and then started to eat her out. Now I gotta say, I love eating pussy. I may be out for what I can get, but I actually love munching on the poon. I actually did it for a while, I couldn't stop and she was enjoying it so much she came all over my face and chin. I was just about to unzip my trousers when my family arrived to see me as they were going away for Christmas. I was that close, that close to sticking my dick in her. I had to get Scarlet to stall them while I got ride of Liz out the side door. Poor girl was thrown outside in her sexy Christmas outfit in the cold. I will get her next time though for definite.

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