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Liz Rainbow - Here We Go Again

Well its been fucking weeks since we first tried to call Liz in to finish her Audition. She was a quick rising star in Spain and she either decided she didn’t need an agent to break her into the UK and US or she had found me out to be a con man. Either way calling her and it is going straight to her voice mail is not good. I was sat talking to Craig about it and asking if he can do more about it. He said so far, he had done all the hacking he could do. Scarlet was going out to see her parents before she left for Uni in a weeks’ time, not before she told me that Liz could have seen the posts about me being a con man. Cheers for that Scarlet, just what I needed. Then fast forward the next day and low and hold Liz turns up at my door to say sorry. Turns out she wasn’t taking Spain’s Porn world by storm yet, she had been having money troubles. I then decided if she was down on her luck then I had the power. I told her the agents I work for had probably changed their mind as they will have been ready to promote her but when she vanished it totally looked bad. I said even if they were still interested then they may have deleted the past videos. She asked if I would call them up and explain, I agreed and just rang Craig up and started talking down the phone, he didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about. She then got on her knees and started to tease my cock, almost as if she was grateful or something for me trying to help her. Next minute she was licking up and down on my dick, and then just started to fucking deep throat it. Lets just say I had put the phone down on Craig and just started to enjoy this amazing Spanish cock sucker, deep throating my cock, stripping of to show me her amazing body and spunking all over her face. What a way to say thank you, take note ladies as this is the best way to show a guy how grateful you are, without a doubt.

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