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Liz Rainbow - Flyby Suck

Well I’ve had a few days off from this porn stuff, but not out of choice. It seems to be a slow start to the year and it’s fucking March. But no emails have come in, no girls answering the fake ads I put out there, it’s pretty quiet. So, when I’m not getting pussy, I do what any man does. Stays home away from the office, sits in his fucking pants and wanks all day, with the odd gaming session and movie night. Oh and getting pissed with Chris and Craig too, fuck that was a hell of a night last night. I had a bit of hangover, Chris was at work so I planned to not do much. But later in the morning after I had a shower, there was a knock at the door, and it was Liz Rainbow. Now she usually lets me know in advance if she is working over in the UK or if she is visiting some of her friends over here. But she said she needed to speak with me, and I must admit, she looked pretty upset. She said she had not heard from the agents we were shooting test videos for about any work, and that she questioned her adult modelling career here in the UK. I had to think fast and talk her back into it, not sure it would work or not. Luckily it did and before I knew it, she was sucking on my nerd cock. Now I know she liked sucking dick so this was to get her back on the horse so to speak, after feeding her a load of lies. I think there was a bit of her sucking my cock so I would keep on at the US agents too. Either way she slurped on my cock, licked my nerdy balls and deep throated me like a pro. Yeah I think this talk did her good, and she is now ready to take on UK porn. It certainly did me good as I shot a cum load in her open mouth.

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