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Liz Rainbow - Munch On The Minge Video

Well for once I was putting my friends and a get together with some old school mates first. I mean before pussy. No really I am, I know it’s not like me but it’s Liz Rainbow and it was last minute notice that she gave me, and I have worked with her a few times. If it had been a new girl, they would have been shit out of luck. But yeah Liz was back in the country and I had no idea if she had found me out now she has worked with more professional companies. So yes I picked the guys over her. There I did it, see I knew I could. Fast forward the day after and I was texting her most of night before and she still seemed keen so that told me she still believed all my bullshit then. So yes I fit her in for a quick and totally unplanned shoot. I had time to eat her out, I was only thinking yesterday that I fancied eating some pussy, so I got my wish. It was rushed and unplanned but I got to eat her wet pussy which tasted amazing, and finger blast her until she creamed on my fingers. It was a nice taste left in my mouth while I was waiting of my lads night out, wonder if they could smell it? I think Chris would be jealous as he was at work as usual and it was in between before he finished and before the get together in the pub so he just missed out.

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