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Laura Lu - The Last day

Fucking hell, does this ever fucking end. Those two bastards have been living it up while I have been away. No wonder Craig didn’t put up much of a fight when I asked him to house watch. He knows the fucking pussy that comes through this house and to be fair he’s had some of it. Don’t know why he invited Chris round though, he seems to be everywhere these days, where the fuck did he come from anyway?. So Craig has had a nosh of Laura, a 3 some with Devon and Chris, a double blow bang with Lucy Lane and now Laura is back for more. How the hell is he getting her before me??? I’m the guy who gets the first time girls and deals with the fresh pussy. Chris even egged him on to do it and turn the Dog cam around so if I checked in I wouldn’t see. Laura seems like a horny girl that’s for sure, wanting practise before she meets me, she doesn’t half like cock. Sucking on Craig’s cock, sitting and riding his dick, and being bent over and being fucked from behind. She is more than prepared for me then, I’m expecting a lot when she finally shows up. I remember the days when Craig was under the thumb and shy. Not anymore, he’s come a long fucking way. Good job I am back tomorrow from my break and I have a plan on how to continue in the light of all the recent rumours about me that hit the internet. So hopefully I will be back in full Nerd Pervert swing next episode. In the meantime if you like shy guys getting some, then this maybe the scene for you.

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